Don Manifold has become a dominant force in finance operations. He is a self-made businessman that has gained his fortune by moving up the ladder in the business world and ultimately starting his own company.

Don started in the world of technology and honed his skills as a software engineer in his early career endeavors. He would also pursue other career choices that allowed him to gain experience in consulting. As time progressed these management moves would prove to be quite valuable in advisory roles. His early career set the groundwork for Manifold to create his own company, the Don Manifold Advisory.

Adelaide is where this company is located, but the Manifold ideologies of building wealth have been discussed beyond his home in Australia. Don has shared his zest for education as the foundation for building wealth and succeeding in the business world. He has been interviewed by magazine publications like Forbes and Boss Magazine.

Don has revealed his story of success to those are interested in gaining insight about corporate finance valuations. What Don Manifold has realized over the years in corporate settings is that more business valuations equate to more knowledge. He knows that exploring new industries gives him a chance to learn more different aspects of the economy. Manifold has been able to put all these pieces of the puzzle together and become an expert in Adelaide and beyond.

With a degree in economics Don has been able to lead as joint managing director at Equity and Advisory. He has completed a host of transactions successfully. With over 200 transactions in valuations included in his resume it is safe to say that Manifold is confident in his role. He has received awards over the decades for the sound advice he has given many investors and corporate clients to know more click: here.