Diogo Corona is a well-known businessman in Brazil. He currently holds the positions of CEO of the business’ health benefits platform TotalPass and COO of the health club chain Smart Fit.

Diogo Corona started working for the company, the largest gym chain in Latin America. As an administrative intern, he was a senior at So Paulo’s Insper Institute of Education and Research. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2010.

After graduating from college, he stayed with the company. He held several finance-related positions, including growth analyst, development captain, and executive director. Before joining Smart Fit, Diogo worked as an analyst for a financial company called ItaUnibanco.

The operations of the company’s facilities are in Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. These establishments The corporation has activities in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. Diogo currently oversees these businesses as the COO of the business, a company he joined in 2016. His precise duties at this time included leading the growth of Smart Fit, monetary strategy, and pricing initiatives. A couple of its partners also count Diogo among their officers.

Diogo favors a comprehensive fitness plan that combines traditional exercise with cutting-edge technology. Innovative platforms and qualified teachers are combined to develop holistic programs. They can be used by several clients. They can keep track of their progress and establish goals while having access to specialized instruction.

Diogo Corona also places a lot of emphasis on community development to create a setting where customers are comfortable getting to know one another and the coaches. He believes employing this technique increases the likelihood that participants would maintain a healthy lifestyle over time. They help participants experience a sense of community and motivation to maintain their habits. Diogo has also employed online forums and group sessions. TotalPass first appeared to rival what was already available on the market.

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