Dean Omar Branham Shirley LLP specializes in representing people seeking a settlement for injuries sustained in the workplace. The law ensures that corporations take liability for injuries. Dean Omar LLP majorly handles cases that are related to mesothelioma, catastrophic injury, shareholder liability and consumer class action, and unpaid wages. Dean Omar believes that a lawsuit should be the last course of action when it comes to seeking a settlement. However, if the injury is caused by deliberate action, a lawsuit is the right action for a person to take against large corporations.

Recently, Dean Omar lawyers, Ben D. Bradly and Mark J. Buha, represented a family in a lawsuit against Honeywell International. The Arkansas federal jury’s verdict was that Honeywell International was responsible for the death of Ronald Burlie Thomas. Through Dean Omar lawyers, the plaintiff, Michael Lyn Thomas, argued that his father’s death was caused by asbestos exposure. Even before the jury gave their verdict, Thomas Lyn’s lawyers and Honeywell International lawyers had agreed to settle.

Even though the plaintiff claimed that Ford Motor Co. was also responsible for his father’s disease, the jury did not agree. According to the jury, Ford Motor Co. was not liable, but Honeywell bore 18.75% of the blame. The other party responsible for Thomas’ disease is Pneumo Abex LLC, which agreed to settle before the trial. The jury then arrived on an $18 million settlement; $5.55 million for pain and suffering to Thomas, $1 million each for his three children, and $10 million in punitive damages.