David Black graduated from the University of Michigan in 2003 with a double major in History and Political Science. That accomplishment made a statement that he was willing to work harder and achieve more than most students who graduate college. That foreshadowed his career successes. He works harder and puts in more work than main his field.

Upon graduation David Black went to work for StreetAccount. This company provides real time market intelligence to its institutional investors. It grew quickly and was acquired by another firm in 2012.

Because of the network Mr. Black created around him while he was at StreetAccount, he was able to start his own firm in 2014. The firm called Quadra Advisors. Later he came to focus his efforts on Balyasny Asset Management (BAM). BAM was founded in 2001 by Dmitry Balyasny. What makes BAM different from other firms of its type is that it the company is run based on a culture that values its people. In 2020 David Black joined Balyasny Asset Management as a Managing Director.

But there is so much more to David Black than his professional success. He is dedicated to his philanthropic endeavors. He supports organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation and UNICEF. For over 30 years The Robin Hood Foundation supports activities in New York City to help lift families out of poverty. UNICEF is an arm of the United Nations which works worldwide with countries to make the quality of educational services better for poor children. Black also supports Year Up and Outward Bound.

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