Crest Resources Inc., a leading Vancouver, British Columbia, resource development and mining-related technology company, is pleased to announce its recent partnerships with Ethos Real Assets.

MOU with Ethos Real Assets

Crest Resource has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ethos Real Assets Inc., a company with a mandate to create value in existing or idle industrial real estate through the acquisition, development, and commercialization of new technologies and to co-develop deep tech ecosystems generating ventures in infrastructure in the developed and developing world. Ethos is a unique entity uniquely positioned to improve the flow of commercialization for deep tech ecosystems, including digital infrastructures, blockchain, and artificial intelligence applications.

The Company will collaborate on the development of a new deep tech ecosystem from the

The Company is targeting to form new strategic alliances with key industry players in developing a next-generation deep tech ecosystem that will use its proprietary technologies to create value in under-used and under-developed industrial real estate development and mining projects.

Crest has also engaged with Ethos to create joint ventures,

and other investments to further its goals. The crest is interested in developing a joint venture under the “Crest-Ethos” brand name on a complex industrial real estate project located in the US Northeast. The project includes three and four commercial buildings, totaling approximately 12 acres, scheduled for completion in December 2017. The buildings are in a free trade zone, and two significant highways service manufacturing areas proximate to a multimodal freight rail port.

Jonas Lauren Norr Appointed to the Board of Directors

Crest Resources is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonas Lauren Norr to its Board of Directors. Mr. Norr has many years of successful experience in finance, operations, business development, and acquisitions in both start-up and technology companies. He has been responsible for establishing and executing corporate strategies in various businesses, obtaining funding from various sources, developing industrial and commercial products, managing teams to develop crucial product information, and providing direct customer service.

Investment in Ore Capital Partners Ltd.

Crest Resources is also pleased to announce an investment in Ore Capital Partners Ltd. The Core assets held by Ore Capital Partners were purchased from Intrepid Mines Inc.

Crest Resources is an investment and technology development company focused on acquiring undervalued assets, developing those assets, and their sale or spin-out to form new companies in emerging industries. Crest has developed several technologies that will be used in its projects and in joint ventures or new companies that it will grow. The crest is developing a deep tech ecosystem focusing on artificial intelligence technologies, including robotics and blockchain technologies.

Crest Resources has over a decade of experience developing technologies for a variety of projects. Crest has developed a range of technologies applicable in various areas such as healthcare, energy, and mining.