Technology has continued to expand as technology experts launch new developments every day. RingCentral Inc is a leading technology company. The technology organization provides various services, including contact center resolutions, partnerships, video meetings, and cloud messages. Ring Center Inc continues to grow. Recently, the technology firm announced the appointment of Mo Katibeh as the new Chief Operating Officer. Mo has served in other organizations holding top positions, including AT&T Business as the Chief Marketing Officer and Product Officer. Katibeh is responsible for various duties, including customer experience, sales of the products, and marketing, that will be reporting to the Chairman and the creator of the company, Vlad Shmunis, the Chief Executive Officer.

Mo Katibeh began his career over 20 years ago. When Katibeh was working at AT&T Business, he was responsible for marketing the company’s products together with digital marketing, wholesale, and indirect channels. Mo was the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Mo is known for his dedication and passion in his work. His work was recognized at AT&T Business, and Forbes named Mo the greatest powerful Chief Marketing Officer in 2019and 2020. During his time working for AT&T Business, Katibeh made significant organizational changes and developments. Mo launched other services, including collaborations, communication, and business security; he ensured the growth of the services and positioning of the invention of cloud-based expertise.

Vlad Shmunis was thrilled to welcome Mo Katibeh into the organization. Vlad believed that Mo would bring his vast experience in technology and marketing to RingCentral, and they will experience expansion from 2022 and beyond. Vlad trusts that the values Mo holds for customers will help the company achieve more in the future. Mo is a leader who has managed over 50,000 staff and a portfolio of over $36billion in annual revenue. Mo did not forget to express his gratitude; he noted he is glad to join the team at RingCentral and is looking forward to working towards the success of the communication company.