Since its founding, the Colcom Foundation has taken a stand on a great many issues that relate to population. The group has long held that overpopulation is one of the most pressing issues that concern mankind. This is as true for people around the world as it for those in the U.S. The point has been to proceed with education on this topic.

The mission of the Colcom Foundation has frequently been conflated with such issues as population control. This is true in large part because of its emphasis on controlling the birth rate in order to bring it down to a healthy level. The group has managed to wield a large degree of influence when it comes to spreading the word about this issue.

The Foundation has also been active in promoting the work of its special Population Media Center. This is a center that makes use of specially presented entertainment. The bulk of this information is made more palatable when delivered in this form. The use of mass media to prevent unplanned and unwanted births has been very effective.

This is not the only reason that the Colcom Foundation was instituted. The primary purpose of the Foundation has always been to protect the environment. This is all the truer with regard to its local environment in the southwestern area of Pennsylvania. The Foundation was started by Cordelia S. May in 1919 to uphold this very purpose.

A long list of activities is on the plate for the Colcom Foundation at all times. The needs of the environment are many. As a result, the members of this Foundation are always involved in organizing one initiative after another. This dedication to purpose is what keeps the Foundation going. The mission is simply too important to be abandoned until success is registered. Refer to this article for more information.


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