The Colcom Foundation understands that our planet is currently experiencing the sixth mass extinction even that this world has ever seen. Sadly, this time around, it’s caused by human encroachment on so many different species of animals and on their natural habitats. Small amounts of destabilization and extinction are typical on our planet, but the massive extinction events of our current generations is not what is considered normal levels of extinction. Humanity will be destroying itself at its own peril at the point of the mass level extinction level that we are currently facing.

There are going to be massive holes left in different types of species of animals on this planet when this extinction event is over. Here at the Colcom Foundation, we are aware of how the Sixth Mass Extinction events can interrupt the basic food chain and the biological system that has been constructed on our earth. Certain animals will be left without enough smaller animals to eat, or we will not have the biological system we need to balance life on the planet within our current ecosystems. We are essentially committing genocide to our own natural system and habitats, where all living species both live and thrive.

Here at the Colcom Foundation, we understand that natural events that could cause a mass extinction of the levels that we are seeing today are something like a chain of volcanoes erupting or a meteor hitting the planet. This time, instead, however, the mass extinction is being caused y one single issue and it’s a human choice. We could change our actions and behaviors, but due to our selfish behavior that our animals, plants, and ecosystem are all suffering as they are.

Until the human population begins to shrink, we will only see these impacts on our environment and society worsening. We have ourselves, and no one else to blame for every single bit of it. If we refuse to change our ways, then the mass extinction will continue on into the future. Refer to this article for related information.


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