The Colcom Foundation believes that life on Earth is possible thanks to an elegant web of interconnected interspecies relationships. Each species arises from evolution and environmental factors that occurred long before Home sapiens walked the land. While this web can endure some abuse, its ability to resist those abuses weakens as more and more “strands” break. A planet that took billions of years to reach its current state of progress and beauty has been constantly assaulted over two centuries. The Colcom Foundation agrees with ecologists who call this drastic degradation the “Sixth Mass Extinction.”

The Colcom Foundation maintains two main reasons why the Sixth Mass Extinction should be prevented. First, by stopping humans from reducing the planet’s recovery methods to the breaking point-if the planet becomes uninhabitable humanity will either need to expedite planetary colonization or make peace with the slow death that inaction will bring. Second, it believes that humanity is morally obligated to do whatever possible to preserve all life on the planet to oppose the self-inflicted extirpation of Earth’s species.

The Foundation also believes that mass extinction is abnormal due to its speed. Earth has undergone five prior mass extinctions, each caused by natural cataclysms; the Sixth Mass Extinction differs by being man-made. The Foundation understands that avoiding the Sixth Mass Extinction is an issue of carrying capacity-every human needs resources like water, food, space, shelters, and so on. Because humans also cohabitate with other species that also need habitats and resources, humanity must consider the planet’s limits.

They believe that by managing human population growth and the growing resource consumption from technological advancements much work can be done to stop the Extinction. It is to this end that it strives to encourage nations to ethically consider their future family planning and immigration policies. See this article to learn more.


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