ClassDojo is an online classroom management platform that provides teachers with a simple, secure way to give real-time feedback, view class statistics, and conduct assessments in one easy-to-use application. It allows teachers to manage student behavior during lessons and monitor students’ progress all on one screen. This makes it really easy for everyone in the class to be on the same page. ClassDojo also gives teachers feedback on how effective they are at managing a certain situation, using ClassDojo tokens for motivation. It is becoming an essential resource for teachers everywhere, with over 1 million users in classrooms worldwide. Some of the features that this app provides include:

It allows teachers to see student behavior, at all times. It is a real-time feedback system which lets you know if students are engaged or distracted in the classroom. Teachers can also create assignments on ClassDojo, assign them an amount of points, and once finished/turned in, it can be marked as complete by the teacher. This makes organizing assignments much easier, because there are no papers to grade or folders to go through. Also going back to the points, they can be added/deducted in real time so there’s no waiting when it comes to the student trying to see his/her score for an assignment.

Its a must-have for parents and teachers because of some of the reasons followed:

1) Provides REAL-TIME feedback

2) Creates instant motivation and accountability for students

3) Helps identify behavioral problems early on (knowing where to look, and knowing what types of things to look for)

4) Offers an incentive for good behavior (the “Quarterly Report”)

ClassDojo can be found on Facebook, Twitter and the iTunes app store. Its widespread over the internet which makes it very easy for anyone to access all the features within.

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