Jason Hope is an entrepreneurialism expert and deeply interested in the future. He knows that social networking sites are different from what they used to be and will continue to evolve in the coming years. The future is now and business is mainly online. Jason Hope has decided to articulate his thoughts in this post to help you get a sense of where these sites may go.


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  1. Social networks supporting the growth of businesses

Currently, most social networking sites are being utilized to connect with friends or family. However, people will soon learn how to use these sites to gain much-needed business support. According to Jason Hope, this will be done by creating groups on the site where individuals can post about their businesses and share their experiences. 


Participants in the group will give feedback and help each other through difficult and prosperous times.


  1. Social networks inform and entertain

Currently, Jason Hope states, Facebook is the most used social networking site in the world. In the future, other areas will also spring up and be used by millions of individuals around the globe. However, these sites will be much more interactive and will actively engage users to provide informative and entertaining content.


Angel Investor Jason Hope

This will be done by utilizing users’ feedback on social networking sites. The feedback will make the site more relevant to the user and entertaining. For Jason Hope, the key to success for a business is to focus on being user friendly. 


  1. Mobile devices in the center

Mobile devices will continue to be the most popular form of internet access in the coming years. Users will spend more and more time on their phones and tablets and become addicted to checking their social networking sites. Jason Hope adds that these sites will take advantage of this fact to add extra features only found on mobile devices.


For example, in the future, users may have access to a feature that lets them see what is happening around them through photos that a friend or an acquaintance takes.