Bernard Acoca, CEO of Zaxby’s, is a dynamic leader who has taken the brand to new heights in the highly competitive restaurant industry. In a recent interview with The Boss Magazine, Acoca discussed his journey to the top of the company, his management philosophy, and his plans for the future.

Acoca’s rise to the CEO position at Zaxby’s was a testament to his hard work and dedication. He started his career in the restaurant industry at the age of 16, working his way up from a part-time employee to a senior executive. He joined Zaxby’s in 2018 as the Chief Executive Officer, bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Acoca’s management philosophy is based on a strong commitment to teamwork and collaboration. He believes that the success of a company is dependent on the efforts of every team member, from the frontline employees to the executives. He strives to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, and where ideas can be freely shared and discussed.

Under Acoca’s leadership, Zaxby’s has seen tremendous growth and success. The company has expanded its footprint across the United States, opening new locations in key markets and introducing innovative menu items. In 2020, Zaxby’s was named one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country, a testament to the brand’s popularity and appeal.

Looking to the future, Acoca is focused on continuing to build on Zaxby’s success. He plans to expand the company’s digital capabilities, investing in technology that will enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency. He also plans to continue exploring new markets and opportunities for growth, while staying true to the brand’s core values and commitment to quality.

In conclusion, Bernard Acoca is a visionary leader who has taken Zaxby’s to new heights. His dedication to teamwork and collaboration, combined with his strategic vision and commitment to innovation, have made him a driving force in the restaurant industry. As Zaxby’s continues to grow and evolve, Acoca will undoubtedly continue to play a critical role in the company’s success.