André Des Rochers is a respected entertainment and sports lawyer based in Beverly Hills and New York. He is the founder and managing partner of GDR Firm, a full-service law firm that specializes in representing clients in the sports and entertainment sector.


The attorney has a wealth of experience in the industry, having represented some of the major names in entertainment and sports. He has worked with musicians, actors, athletes, and other high-profile clients, helping them navigate the complex legal landscape of the entertainment industry. André Des Rochers is known for his “sharp legal mind and ability to think outside the box”.


This has helped him to achieve numerous successful outcomes for his clients. He is also highly respected by his peers in the industry, with many praising his dedication and commitment to his clients. In addition to his work as a lawyer, Des Rochers is also an active member of the entertainment community. He has served on the board of various industry organizations.


In addition, he is often called upon to speak at industry events and conferences. Des Rochers is also a partner at Gray Krauss Sandler Des Rochers LLP. It is a prestigious law firm that handles complex entertainment and media transactions. André Des Rochers is well known for being able to forge strong relationships with key industry players and for his strategic approach to deal-making.


With his extensive experience, sharp legal mind, and dedication to his clients, André Des Rochers is a true leader in the entertainment and sports legal industry. He continues to be a trusted advisor to some of the most influential figures in entertainment and sports, and his reputation for providing unparalleled service and achieving successful outcomes for his clients is well-deserved.