While the United States is known for being the country that offers the most freedoms in terms of religion and speech, the same cannot be said for numerous nations around the world. In fact, repression of religious and free speech rights is at an all-time high worldwide. Because of this, those who do choose nevertheless to exercise freedom of speech and religion are arrested and persecuted in a multitude of ways. Rather than let this continue, Alliance Defending Freedom engages in international legal advocacy on a regular basis.

Working in conjunction with such international organizations as the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, and many others as well, Alliance Defending Freedom has been able to offer valuable legal assistance to Christians and others who have been unjustly persecuted for their religious beliefs and rights to speak freely.

Whether it has been involved in cases of religious persecution against Christians in Iraq or helping people of other faiths in other nations, Alliance Defending Freedom has been able to emerge victorious in more than 30 cases that were heard before the European Court of Human Rights.

When religious minorities in various countries try to exercise their rights as citizens and human beings, they are often met with methods that are not only oppressive, but in many instances cruel and inhumane. Rather than stay on the sidelines and allow this to happen, the ADF team is committed to going anywhere in the world where rights need to be protected. As a result, ADF has come to be recognized by organizations throughout the world as perhaps the one legal assistance organization that can get results. No matter the courtroom or the country, ADF stands ready to build a strong case and help its clients emerge victorious. See this page for related information.


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