Alliance Defending Freedom is a nonprofit law firm that works to end religious persecution. The group’s goal, which primarily defends Christian and other religious organizations, is to bring religious freedom back in line with American values. The organization was originally started in 1994 by Christian Community leaders to protect the rights of Christian students at public schools.

Through its Center for Academic Freedom, ADF provides free legal representation to students, faculty, and staff who face discrimination or retaliation for expressing their religious or political beliefs on college campuses.

The following are the organization’s core goals:

  1. Religious Freedom

The organization is working to restore religious freedom in the United States by protecting the rights of people living per their life and faith. It believes that citizens have the right to practice their religion freely and that the government should not be involved in defining or enforcing a person’s faith. They also believe that religious freedom is a Constitutional and international human right that should not be violated.

  1. Free Speech

Alliance Defending Freedom believes that all citizens should have the right to express themselves, especially regarding their religious beliefs. As a result, the organization is working to protect children from being forced to participate in school events contrary to their religious beliefs.

  1. Sanctity of Human Life

Alliance Defending Freedom supports the recognition of the sanctity of human life from conception and opposes any practice that invades the rights of individuals. The organization believes that every person has a right to lead a life in accordance with their faith, and the government must protect those rights.

  1. Parental Rights

The organization believes parents have a right to raise their children as they see fit, which must be protected. It is working to ensure that parents can teach their children what they believe is right.

  1. International Work

The institution is working to bring religious and other human-rights issues into international court. It believes that the US government has a duty and responsibility to protect believers around the world.

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