Suffolk University in Massachusetts awarded Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a successful businessman working in the energy and EPC industries, two undergraduate degrees: one in economics and the other in business administration. The beginning of Professional career of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was spent working as a manager for a number of businesses, including the stockbroker Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy (a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries). In addition to that, he worked as the marketing manager for Latin America at ICC-OEOC, a firm based in the United Kingdom that offers technology solutions to the offshore oil industry. Later on, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez made the decision to investigate potential ideas by establishing the O’Hara Administration, a global investment firm with a stake in a diverse array of investment vehicles. These investment vehicles include Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation (formerly Pacific Rubiales Energy) and Hawkers, two other businesses in which Alejandro Betancourt is actively involved.

Although Alejandro Betancourt Lopez did not create the firm, in 2016 he was invited on board along with a group of investors in order to assist in the financial stabilization of Hawkers and to give an injection of external financing in order to expand the brand and improve its reach. At that time, news had already begun to spread about its reputation for selling high-quality sunglasses at costs that were reasonable. In 2015, the company received recognition for having begun operations two years earlier with a modest investment of $300 and having leveraged that initial investment into a total of $60 million. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this statistic was undeniably remarkable, the company’s expenses continued to rise, and it was at imminent risk of going out of business. Hawkers received an investment of fifty million euros (or fifty-six million dollars) from a company that Lopez and a group of other investors had founded and named Saldum Ventures.