Gino Pozzo is a businessman born in Italy and resides in London, England. He is a family man and has been so for a long. He has a wife, two daughters, and a son. He started his business venture in the year 1975. His first business was truck transportation of goods to and from Italy, later known as Pozzo Industries. The company is still active in its operations but now distributes products like foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, and chemical goods, among other things.

He bought Watford Football Club in the year 2012. He took over a team that was in dire straits at the time. Watford had poor form in their previous year, and the team was considered one of the weakest in professional football. The club became stronger today because of Gino’s vision and determination. His goal was to turn Watford from a football club where players would leave mid-season to one that would last for years. His first few months were challenging. Opposition fans were calling for his resignation.

Gino Pozzo’s main goal was to turn the club into a strong team that could compete among the best in English football. He knew it would be challenging to achieve this, so he set up a plan strategically to get Watford up as a top team in English football where they could enjoy success for years. As a part of his mission, Gino was determined to make Watford attractive enough for players worldwide to want to play in them. Gino Pozzo did that by making the club financially stable.

As time passed, the team under Gino’s leadership started winning more games and trophies. Watford Football Club became a top English football team, and their popularity grew worldwide. The fans also started having good memories of their time in Watford Football Club after getting promoted to the English premier league and winning some big titles. See related link for additional information.


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