Academy of Art University’s facilities is some of the best in the world. These facilities, which offer programs in digital design and computer animation, are just some of the reasons why the Academy is often ranked as one of the best art colleges in America.

Students at Academy can pursue degrees and certificates in a wide array of areas including Digital Design, Interior Design, Animation & Visual Effects among many others.

Computer Labs:

Academy of Art University has a student-run computer lab which is funded through student government groups. The computers are run by students and are often used to help students with their homework and projects.

Internet of Things:

Academy of Art University’s “Internet of Things” Lab is dedicated to the study of building, programming, and designing Internet-connected devices. It is where students learn to design and build their own connected devices as well as have access to hardware and software to create their Internet-connected projects. This lab also features a large area for hosting events, including a stage and sound system.

Motion Graphics Lab:

Academy of Art University has Motion Graphics Lab that allows students to practice their skills in motion graphics and visual effects. Students are using programs such as Maya and After Effects to build 3D models, animations, and scenes. The lab also features a large LED screen where students can display their work, as well as a smaller LED screen and sensors that allow students to use the computer to interact with their work.

Classrooms and Software:

Academy of Art University’s classrooms consists of modern architecture and feature white walls, chairs, and tables to create a clean, beautiful, and productive environment. The furniture is secluded with sufficient distance between them so that students can have a private space to work on their projects.

The University’s Software, students learn to use Adobe Creative Suite on Macs and PCs. The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers which use a variety of gaming software such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Read more in this article: