Aberdeen Standard Investments CEO Stephen Bird recently held a virtual conference where he discussed inflation, the economy, and more. The United Kingdom is home to Aberdeen Standard Investments, an asset management firm.

First, Bird mentioned that many investors are worried about inflation right now. A rise in inflation is expected in the near future, but he thinks it will settle back down to more typical levels in the long run. Supply chain disruptions brought on by the pandemic, he said, are the primary cause of current price increases. Bird predicts that prices will decrease once problems in the supply chain are fixed.

Stephen Bird not only spoke about inflation but the economy as a whole. Although he said the global economy was beginning to recover from the pandemic, he warned that many difficulties lay ahead. Uncertainty about the effects of COVID-19 on the economy is a major obstacle.

Investments that don’t harm the environment are a priority, as Bird pointed out. He recommended that money be put into businesses that care about the environment and use sustainable methods to ensure the growth of the United Kingdom.

Bird was optimistic about the economy and the investment sector as a whole. He thinks investors can weather the storm and come out on top with the right plans in place.

Aberdeen Standard Investments’ current CEO, Stephen Bird, took office in the year 2020. He has more than 30 years of experience in banking and has held executive positions at both Citi and JPMorgan Chase.

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