Audio-sharing apps have been increasing for a while now, and one trend that’s emerged is the use of content moderation. Several apps in recent months have introduced features that are aimed at preventing people from uploading inappropriate audio. One such app, Yubo, has just announced that they are now using computer vision to identify pictures and text in audio clips.

What is Yubo?

It is an audio-sharing app for iOS and Android that allows users to post 15-second voice messages that are then sent to the in-app feed for all other Yubo users to hear. The app also automates content moderation, which means the only way a user can get their message into the feed is if the system has accepted it.It’s content moderation system is being built by Acclaro, makers of this platform. Acclaro says that their system will prevent users from uploading inappropriate audio, but also from malicious outbreaks as well.

How does Yubo Bring Real-Time Content Moderation to Audio

1: Upload

Users can upload audio through the app. The computer vision is then used to scan for any inappropriate language and inappropriate or malicious content. If the content is deemed not a problem, it will be posted in the feed. However, if the content is considered unacceptable by the computer vision system, it will not be posted to it’s feed. Instead, it will be redirected to the wrong inbox.

2: Scan

The computer vision system scans for audio clips in a feed and then provides information over user-defined criteria. The user must set the standards before uploading, but the system can change them afterward.


3: Analysis

After scanning and analyzing the image, the system makes the decision. The decision is based on user-defined criteria. The user sets these criteria for what can or cannot be analyzed by the computer vision system.

4: Accepted/Rejected

All audio clips are analyzed by this method before they are sent to a feed. Whether or not the content is accepted or rejected, the audio clip will either be posted in the feed or deleted altogether.

The way that Yubo is bringing real-time content moderation to audio will allow users to get their message out there with less work on their end. They will be able to post audio clips without worrying about computer vision analyzing the clip and deeming it inappropriate or malicious. There will also be less chance of the wrong person finding out about a private recording.