According to the leading business owners in the market, helping an organization achieve its strategic goals does not involve coming up with some new products or hiring the right team. Obviously, these aspects are very important to the success of the business. However, as Alejandro Betancourt has consistently demonstrated, financial management is one of the core aspects that business leaders should always consider as they continue to run their entities.

At Hawkers, Alejandro Betancourt has been a revelation owing to the strategies that he has incorporated in the daily aspects of the business. However, it is essential to communicate that he has also been very aggressive in ensuring that he is always trying to come up with some strategic innovations that can help to change the wellbeing of the organization. In this case, there are some innovative financial management practices that he has been incorporating into the organization.

According to Alejandro Betancourt, reducing operational expenses has been a game-changer that has given the organization a different operational perception in the industry. Previously, the company was doing very little to handle the extreme issues affecting its finances. That is why the organization had some extreme financial challenges that it has been struggling to address for a lengthy period. Any company that is struggling to solve its financial challenges does not stand any chance of being successful in the business environment.

Alejandro Betancourt has been using a cost management strategy as a fundamental aspect that can help in ensuring that Hawkers is able to avoid wasting some of its resources. It is the nature of the smaller businesses to waste resources as they look to have some opportunities to succeed in the entire business environment. However, those businesses that have managed to prevent the loss of funds have always been able to achieve consistent success in their operations.

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