Joseph Ashford Ellis is a London-based philanthropist and entrepreneur mainly linked to two major global companies: K4 Global and K4 Media, founded in 2014. He is the owner and founder of these companies situated in Bournemouth. Besides, he also serves as the non-executive chairman at K4 Global. The latter is a global multi-faceted marketing firm that aims at connecting small companies and helping them to accomplish their goals.

Joseph Ashford Ellis had a difficult childhood after the death of his mother and two siblings—a brother and sister. Being one of the most successful entrepreneurs and marketing gurus in Bournemouth, Joseph Ashford Ellis attributes his accomplishments to his family. Life has also taught them the importance of giving back to society. He gives his donations through the Global company and his other companies. Besides, he also makes other philanthropic efforts independently away from his investments.

For instance, he is the founder of the Butterfly Foundation. The company deals with children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa (EB). Besides being a successful businessman and philanthropist, he is also an incredible marketing guru. Through his company K4 Global, he offers marketing consultancy to small businesses struggling to meet their goals. He takes time to analyze your business before giving a recommendation. The analysis process comprises of the following steps:

Strategic planning — It is vital in identifying your company’s needs Business model analysis — It involves defining a suitable approach to your market and business policies Process design – It normalizes every workflow in your company System analysis – Joseph Ashford Ellis understands the importance of interpreting your business rules and requirements besides the technical systems.

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