International business is a field that’s both complicated and rewarding for those who know how to navigate its treacherous waters. There is a lot more that goes into running a successful international finance business than just speaking multiple languages and having a good head for business. Different countries have different laws, customs, cultures, and practices that one must be aware of. Raffaele Riva understood this and built his company, the Aurea Multi-Family Office, to address these concerns and provide the best international financial services money can buy.

Value is the Name of the Game

Attracting lucrative clients and getting paid is great and all, but Raffaele Riva is dead set on making sure that he earns those paychecks. Every day he wakes up thinking about how he can add more value to the lives of his clientele. He also believes in taking the initiative and fixing problems before they are ever a concern. And if his client is wrong, he’ll take the measures necessary to make things right.

Setting a Course for Success

Raffaele Riva has always been an optimistic person. Part of this mindset is his approach to life in which he takes the long view of things. Ever since college, he has been working towards his goal of making it big in international business. This is seen in his earning of an economics degree from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, the two post-grad programs he attended, and his willingness to learn multiple languages.

Versatility is Key

The Aurea Multi-Family Office isn’t a one-trick pony. Instead, it offers a large variety of services for a large pool of wealthy elite clients. This allows them to take advantage of the needs of the market and cast a wide net. As a result, they have been able to act as advisors and agents for companies like Ventilación Industrial Ind. SL which operates in over 90 countries. Visit this page for more information.


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