Wayne Von Borstel: His Impact On The Industry

Wayne Von Borstel is the founder of Von Borstel & Associates, an international consulting firm specializing in corporate finance and strategic planning. He has over two decades of experience in finance and consulting, most notably as a Managing Director of Morgan Stanley and a Partner in the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Von Borstel has helped numerous companies improve their strategic and financial performance through his expert advice and guidance. His experience and insights have been instrumental in helping companies with their capital structure, financial planning, and M&A activities. He has also been influential in assisting companies in developing and executing innovative strategies that have enabled them to compete better in their respective markets.

Wayne von Borstel is known for his commitment to excellence and for creating a learning, innovation and collaboration culture. He has been a mentor and role model to many of the firm’s employees, encouraging them to take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible. He has also strongly advocated for diversity and inclusion, ensuring all voices are heard and respected in the workplace. Wayne has also been a leader in the industry, helping to shape the direction of the consulting field.

Through his work, Von Borstel has helped to make financial services more accessible to everyday Americans. He has also been a vocal advocate for consumer protection and financial literacy, speaking out against predatory practices in the industry. Von Borstel’s influence on the industry has been profound. His groundbreaking work has helped shape how financial advisors, institutions, and individuals approach financial planning and investment management. He has also served as an inspiration for countless aspiring financial professionals. Read full interview of Wayne von Borstel on ideamensch.com