The name Boraie Development in the town of New Brunswick is a brand that is synonymous with progress and development. Led by its Vice President, Mr. WasseemBoraie, the company has been transforming the state of New Jersey for over 40 years.

Over time, the company has constructed state-of-the-art buildings that today act as landmarks in the city. These properties offer unmatched lifestyle, sophistication, elegance that guarantees residents’ comfort and practicability.

In considering the city to invest in, Mr. Wasseem notes that he identified one where he can make a difference. Such is the city of Newark, where Mr. Wasseem has been awarded a 15-acre Boyden property as the site developer. The project is the largest among the three identified by the city as it intends to create 16,000 new affordable units.

The project will transform a property that has been vacant since 2015 and has become an eyesore to the community. Boraie Development will construct hundreds of affordable mixed-income houses and a few market-rate units in the first phase. The second phase shall include the construction of a learning institution, a hospital, and a retail store.

With WasseemBoraie at the helm of Wasseem Boraie Development, New Jersey shall continue to experience development and growth in its real estate industry.