Ross Cameron is a trader and businessman who has been active in the markets for 16 years. During that time, he learned many lessons about trading and life. He talks about his values and provides insight into his personal life, making him a popular figure in the financial world.                                                                                                                Trading Mentor Ross Cameron


He is a well-known public speaker. He has been trading for over 16 years and began to use that knowledge of markets and business to help others to do the same. Many of the people he has helped have become millionaires. Ross Cameron bought his first shares in the market when he was young and was very successful. 


He made good money trading stocks completely on instinct, which is what many people who are early in their careers tend to do. He didn’t know how to make a trading plan and had no formal training. Ross Cameron just figured out what worked and didn’t work through trial and error by learning how markets work. 


He eventually got down to trading purely on instinct and developed rules to help him make good decisions in the market. Ross Cameron has been successful as a trader and businessman. He’s also made millions simply by trading on instinct alone. Ross was also able to build up his business in the early days. 

When he was working for a company, he planned to make himself redundant initially. He took advantage of this situation where people wanted his mentorship services, but he wouldn’t have to work for them by giving them a shareholding in his business. Ross Cameron is proud that he has gotten many other people into trading and made them successful.