TotalPass seeks to balance its workers’ physical and emotional health. The Smart Fit and Bio Ritmo group application is provided as a corporate perk by businesses. It is a direct competitor of GymPass in Brazil. The new strategy to go beyond physical exercise and focus on mental well-being with the launch of Total Mind, a platform with guided meditation sessions and online counseling gives the platform a competitive edge.

“There is a significant trend toward rising employee demand for benefits focusing on mental health. It was intensified by the pandemic, according to Diogo Corona, CEO of TotalPass. “Yet, the Brazilian public still has a wide variety of alternatives that are fragmented and inadequately covered. We intend to address that.”

In Mexico and Brazil, there are more than 5,000 studios and gyms that provide the app’s roughly 250 modalities. More than 5,000 psychologists are now accessible for consultations, along with 400 meditation audios, thanks to the new solution. With agreements with companies like Zen App and Psicologia Viva, various services are made available through the app. A comparable solution is provided by GymPass.

All employees of TotalPass partner firms may now choose the plan that incorporates the new product going forward. Customers can select packages that provide two to four sessions of internet counseling each month.

Companies that offer their staff this kind of advantage frequently see a decrease in absenteeism, since a pattern of absences and tardiness can be a sign of overload, according to Diogo Corona.

Employee turnover, commonly known as turnover, and the number of times corporate health policies are activated are both decreasing. “Companies can assist alter the circumstance through various forms of guided meditation sessions, physical exercises, and internet therapy,” Diogo Corona concludes.

TotalPass by Smart Fit is present in over 5,000 gyms and studios in Mexico and Brazil, with intentions to expand to other Latin American nations. The company’s cumulative income increased by 457% from January 2021 to January 2022.