When it comes to football, not a lot of credit is given to the owners when a team reaches a high level of success. Usually, it is the players and the coaches that are given all the praise. However, there is one exception to this rule: Gino Pozzo. From the renowned Pozzo family, Gino has stated that owning a football club was never his top priority. This dispassionate approach showed its true potential in the rapid rise of the once mediocre Watford FC and proved to the world his unrivaled genius.

Business Comes First

Sometimes you may hear a story of a rich business person buying a sports team from their local town because they are passionate about the sport. This rarely leads to great success since they’re not taking the team seriously as an investment. Gino Pozzo is the exact opposite.

When he bought the Watford Football Club, he did so with the intention of making a profit. At the time, Watford was considered by many to be lackluster as they floundered in the lower leagues. This raised a lot of eyebrows when Gino made the purchase but soon everyone would learn that he knew exactly what he was doing.

Changing the Rules

From the very start, Gino Pozzo showed an amazing talent for outside-the-box thinking. His player recruitment and player trading strategies were so effective that the rules literally had to be rewritten to curb the practice. On top of this, his insistence on replacing coaches every two years or so is still controversial but still amazingly effective.

Gino Pozzo’s Legacy

In the end, the facts speak for themselves. Gino Pozzo took Watford FC from mediocrity in the lower leagues and got them all the way to the Premier League, a feat no one could have predicted. His success is proof of his genius in the world of football. Refer to this article for more information.


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