Tanner Winterhof was born in Northwest Iowa to a family deeply rooted in Agriculture. Perhaps that explains his love for agriculture as he used to tender for crops and pigs at a tender age. He learnt from his parents the passion and the commitment needed to run a successful gaming industry. 


He lives in Huxley with his wife and two daughters, where they attend to family farms. He is a true agricultural enthusiast. You are mistaken if you thought Tanner Winterhof is not educated or farming is for uneducated.


Well, he has a rich education background which shows a bridge between innovation and traditions. While anyone expected that he would pursue a degree in agriculture, he rather studied business administration and financial services, but for a reason. Yes, as Tanner Winterhof adds, this degree has acted as the passport which enables him to blend what he learned in administration with the intricate knowledge he has on agriculture. 

Tanner Winterhof is an AG Visionary

After finishing with the classroom, he moved to the Iowa Bankers Association Ag Credit School. This is where he absorbed more knowledge on the complexities of agriculture and commercial credit. For Tanner Winterhof, this understanding would later shape his career. The other area he has actively participated is in the Ames Chamber. 

Through his knowledge, the leader Tanner Winterhof showed the world how everyone can be committed to community and personal growth. He showed that a good leader is not the one who only climbs the corporate ladder, but one who can also leave a notable mark on the local business landscape. His life shows a thread that is founded on the soil, the classroom knowledge, and the love of community advancement.