IM Academy is a digital online platform that provides educational information to train people about the skills they need to know regarding the foreign exchange [Forex] trading. The company extracts its content from past recorded data and app-based information that’s taught to the students. It was founded in 2013 as a startup company by 2 Forex experts namely Christopher Terry as the CEO and Isis De La Torre as the CFO. Their main goal was to issue a simple and reachable online forum for Forex training via time-based subscription. Over the years, IM has transformed into a large company with about 225,000 active subscribers who gain from its products and services.

Being an online organization, corporate real estate expense is saved to hire top quality personnel without any geographical restrictions. Consistently, IM Academy has maintained a remote working environment thus allowing it to operate effectively minus the interruptions caused by the emergency measures of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The core products provided are learning modules called academies. They consist of distinct training programs that new subscribers can easily access through the guidance of a customer or an Independent Business Owner [IBO]. Each video module contains information as well as extensive interactive GoLive sessions where students apply concepts they have learnt to real-life circumstances. These videos provide the general idea of how to go about forex trading and how to use the video lessons and goLive interactions for further knowledge. These goLive sessions last one hour where the student directly interacts with the IM Educators and opportunities are offered to ask questions. These sessions are usually offered in 13 languages on specified times to comply with the different time zones.

The IM Academy website is the organization’s major online presence where customers and IBOs can access their accounts through safe login. Click this page for more information about IM Academy.

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