The website of the Colcom Foundation starts with a quote from its founder, Cordelia S. May. It can be paraphrased as follows: It can no longer be assumed that planet Earth will be able to handle the strains from future generations of humans.

The founder established the foundation to help combat those strains and create and support initiatives that would mitigate the effects of humans. She used her financial means to create the foundation in 1996. She then left funds following her death in 2005 to allow the foundation to continue her mission to the present day and beyond.

Cordelia S. May began her efforts to address the problems she foresaw way before she started the Colcom Foundation. It began with family planning as she realized that the Earth could not support an endless number of humans without destroying the natural habitat. Today her dream lives on in the mission and activities of the foundation.

The foundation addresses the cause of the Sixth Mass Extinction – human overpopulation. Cordelia May was ahead of her time in raising this issue which she perceived as the cause of the disappearing environment. Trees and habitats destroyed to make way for more humans and their activities.

In the fourteen counties comprising southwest Pennsylvania, which include Allegheny the home of Pittsburgh, the Colcom Foundation is making an impact with the money left by its founder. This impact involves maintaining green space, acquiring acreage to prevent development, and proving grants to organizations that are dedicated to the same aims at the foundation.

This area boasts a rich history that is well worth preserving. It also has the lingering effects of heavy industrial usage. A clear example is water quality which has taken a hit from that industrialization. The Colcom Foundation supports every entity which seeks to create clean water for present and future generations. See related link to learn more.


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