In an interview, Don Lindsay, the CEO of Teck Resources, highlighted the significance of copper in the move towards a low-carbon economy and shared his views on the company’s copper growth strategy and sustainability. He explained that copper was crucial in transitioning to a low-carbon economy and outlined how Teck approaches copper production and sustainability.

Teck Resources is a prominent Canadian mining company with many operations, including copper, coal, zinc, and oil. Due to the rising global demand for this metal, the company focuses on copper, which is essential for creating electric vehicles, renewable energy, and other low-carbon technologies.

Lindsay Tecks has projected that their Quebrada Blanca copper mine in Chile will experience a considerable rise in copper production over the next few years due to an expansion project.

Teck Resources is investigating the potential of the Galore Creek Mine in British Columbia, which can become one of North America’s largest copper, gold, and silver mines, with an estimated 8 billion pounds of copper in its reserves.

Teck is devoted to ecological mining techniques. To help fight climate change, the company has set lofty goals to decrease greenhouse gas discharges, optimize energy efficiency, and expand the usage of renewable energy in its operations. Moreover, Teck is devoted to curtailing water usage and improving biodiversity at the mining sites.

Lindsay pointed out that prioritizing sustainability is essential for the success of Teck’s copper growth strategy. He clarified that there is no conflict between the two and that we can expand our business and respond to the increasing need for copper worldwide while minimizing our environmental impact.

Tecks dedication to sustainability is demonstrated through its collaborations with local communities and Indigenous organizations. The organization has partnered with multiple First Nations communities in Canada, including the Tahltan Nation, so mining operations are conducted responsibly and sustainably.

Teck Resources is making a concerted effort to grow its copper production sustainably and socially responsibly. Its expansion of the Quebrada Blanca mine in Chile and its exploration of new projects in Canada demonstrates its commitment to meeting the increasing global demand for copper while minimizing its environmental impact.

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