Stitch Fix has risen to the top of the industry by taking a large number of very bold risks. Among them has been an insistence on staying ahead of the curve in several crucial matters. Reliance on artificial intelligence is a topic that still sends many of its rivals scurrying away. 


But the truth of the matter is that AI is now here to stay. This is the reason that Stitch Fix has managed to stay so far ahead of its rivals. The firm has long since embraced the use of AI at nearly every turn. Almost every aspect of its current operation is bound up with the use of this program. This has led to a major upgrade in efficiency. 


More goods are made and sold in order to bring in more profit. This is not the first time that the public has taken notice of this new emphasis on AI quality. The Stitch Fix fashion blog firm became renowned all over the world in June of last year. 


This was when it premiered the use of the new Freestyle search feature. According to the Stitch Fix fashion blog, this was an AI program that was destined to alter how clients discover new styles (Marketbeat). 


However, the story does not end here. It isn’t just that Stitch Fix works to tailor products to the individual tastes of its customers. The truth of the matter is that the fashion blog firm has always gone out of its way to innovate while doing so. According to the style mentors at the fashion blog, this gives a whole new perspective to the concept of customer satisfaction.