As a full-time business owner passionate about marketing, Lesnard is passionate about building a great brand that resonates worldwide. Through his experience and connections, he plans to help grow the brand beyond the United States and into other countries that have not been seen before. Sephora’s global expansion is all about expanding from the ground up, using its experience and resources to help brands and consumers achieve their goals. We see them defining themselves through the journey of people who use their products and services, and we want to help them achieve even more. To do this, we need experienced, results-driven marketers passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal. This is where Lesnard comes in.

As a successful entrepreneur who has built a loyal following through their products, Steve Lesnard knows how to put people’s expectations into proper context. This is what he does best: he makes people feel comfortable with new products and brands, then gives them something to talk about when they’re done using it.

With the launch of their next generation of products, including their first-ever OTC product, they have realized that the same old formula only works for some markets. Now, with the help of industry experts and passionate followers worldwide, they are determined to change that course. Its desirability worldwide accelerates Sephora’s omnichannel experience and consumer engagement. He will use his global experience to help accelerate its International growth ambitions.

In his new role as Global Brand Ambassador for Sephora, Lesnard will be working with a global team to help accelerate the brand’s global growth and maintain Sephora’s global reach. As a global Brand Ambassador for Sephora, Lesnard will help drive awareness and sales of products from his own company in emerging markets. He will partner with brands from more developed countries to accelerate their growth in those regions.

As a global brand ambassador for Sephora, Lesnard will be working with international brands and brands with brands in over 100 countries to help accelerate their growth by using their brand experience and brand awareness to help consumers around the world engage with Sephora.