Business leader Ross Cameron is an experienced day trader who came to do this type of work as his source of getting money to live and in lieu of a regular salary. The trading gurú came to this work through the realization that a regular 9 to 5 job was not the right path for him to pursue. 


When he began to trade it was simply as a way to supplement his salary from his regular job. When asked about his success in a recent interview with the great Ross Cameron offered the opinion that when he started to trade he was able to use small sums of capital.


In addition, Ross Cameron was able to use leverage to grow his available funds with which to trade. He is able to rapidly grow his savings and benefit from the compounding of the interest on what he saves. That method is what he uses to train others about the art and science of day trading.

Inspiration. Ross Cameron

Also, it helps them use the methods he has created. He  understands very well that some of his wise investments will not pan out and the companies in which he invests will go bankrupt. However, Ross Cameron also understands that many others will increase 10 fold and earn a great deal of money for him. 

Ross Cameron explains how it works. His method includes things like buying a stock for a small amount and then selling later in that day when the stock may hit only 50-75 cents higher than when it was purchased earlier in the day. Actually that is almost the exact definition of the work of the day trader.