Ron Gutman is an inventor with a background in automotive engineering and design. He discovered the need for an electric vehicle conversion system while working with high-powered motorcycles. He designed the first in his line of renewable energy products while designing an electric bike called “Eco-Ron.” 


It was announced that he had been chosen from among a group of over 100 inventors to receive $50,000 from Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), an organization that seeks to promote a healthy planet. Ron Gutman´s interest in sustainable fuel for the home led Gutman to design the ECOBEE Smart Energy System.


The serial entrepreneur Ron Gutman explains that ECOBEE Smart Energy System is a renewable energy product that uses solar energy through an ecological approach. The kit is designed with maximum energy efficiency and can be applied to almost all homes: whether on an apartment rooftop or in grand mansions.


The ECOBEE Smart Energy Solar System is an affordable and easy-to-install solar-powered energy source. Ron Gutman explains that the system contains no moving parts, low maintenance, and is highly reliable. The ECOBEE Smart Energy System is a hybrid energy system.


It combines solar panels collecting sun energy with small rechargeable batteries charged by the boards. To take full advantage of the battery’s charge capacity, twenty percent of the solar energy is directed towards heating water vented through the roof, thus reducing heat loss in cold months. Using a timer, as business expert Ron Gutman ensures that the water heater will never exceed its maximum heat setting to prevent overheating in the summer months.