Richard Liu Qiangdong was born in China village to rural farmers. From Chang’an village, Richard Liu has taken over the country by storm. Liu is now the founder of, a leading e-commerce website in China that generates annual revenue. He was dedicated to changing his life and his family, and he just did that.

Born in the 1970s, Qiangdong grew into a leading e-commerce giant who is never shy to name and claim the number one in China.

Liu Qiangdong started his business selling CD ROMs and later developed a website from his knowledge of computer science. He attended Renmin University for a degree in sociology, the University of Windsor for a bachelor of science in computer science, and an executive MBA from China Europe International Business School. His education attainments make him a leading entrepreneur from his decision-making and market insight.

His internet and computer science knowledge make him the founder of e-commerce giant, the most extensive website in China and one of the most famous sites worldwide. He is responsible for changing China’s internet landscape by allowing consumers to buy everyday items online using his e-commerce platform. He launched its first website in 2004 and became a great investor for Jingdong. It has grown to be the largest online shopping platform for major electronics, including mobile products, food, health and beauty products, home furnishing, and other daily necessities at an affordable price.

Richard Liu has applied his technology knowledge to by using AI technology on the front line of his business. Richard Liu has ambitions to become a leader in innovation and technology. Richard Liu’s success story can also be used to inspire other entrepreneurs and business owners in Asia and Africa, particularly those who want to make their countries prosperous through digital technology and embracing globalization. His success will encourage them to use online technology more wisely than before, which could then lead to more remarkable development within their respective countries.

Richard Liu has made grow increasingly more assertive over the years, leading it up to being able to promote itself as one of the largest e-commerce websites in Asia. Read this article for more information.


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