Andrew Frame is an entrepreneur who founded the new technology company Citizen App. In 2017, Frame started up the company in an effort to create something that can benefit the public. With this new app, Frame has been able to provide individuals all over the United States with an alternative to calling 911 for emergency assistance. Instead, the app allows people to receive alerts of a crime or dangerous event in their local area. With the development of this app, many people have been able to remain safe and prevent being victim of a crime.

Over the course of his career, Andrew Frame has been a serial entrepreneur. He has started up a number of different companies and built them into profitable organizations. Before getting involved in entrepreneurship, Frame worked as a software programmer for several years. He then founded his first company which as an internet service provider. One of the most impressive things about his first business was that he created this internet service provider at the age of 15. After founding his first company, Andrew then went on to found Ooma which was a telecommunications company.

When working as a computer programmer and software developer, Andrew Frame worked for leading companies such as Cisco Systems. While employed at this company, Frame served as a support engineer who focused on managing network infrastructure. After working at Cisco Systems for a few years, Andrew was recruited to work for Global Center of Expertise where he spent his time overseeing routing architecture. While he worked in the technology industry, he earned a couple of certifications in order to enhance his knowledge and skills as a technology professional.

Today, Andrew lives and works in both Los Angeles, California and New York City. His company Citizen App is headquartered in both of these cities. See this page for more information.


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