PosiGen is on a mission to genuinely make the world a better place. It’s not just a mission statement created for promotional reasons. The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of making solar power systems more accessible and affordable. Unlike so many other energy-based companies, which only focus on profits and popularity; PosiGen focuses on its customers’ savings, and the company targets low-to-moderate-income families.


Things are changing now but, in the past, only the rich and wealthy could afford to renovate their homes using the latest in energy-saving technologies. PosiGen is making its name by creating special leasing initiatives and offering them to lower-income families and companies. They even tell customers whether it’s worth installing solar panels before attempting to sell anything.


By focusing on lower-income families, PosiGen has solved the country’s biggest energy crisis. While rich people have always been able to afford solar power, it’s the lower-income communities that make up most of the country’s population. If they can’t afford to make greener choices then the energy movement fails. PosiGen is filling that income gap by creating affordable solar energy for all.

Another upside to PosiGen’s affordable solar energy is the increase in diverse communities. It’s a known fact that most lower-income communities are made up of single parents and families of color. PosiGen’s new product line not only offers energy solutions to these families but creates jobs in those communities, meaning most of its workforce consists of women and people of color.