NumbersUSA Critical Role in bringing back Immigration Numbers to Sustainable Levels

Founded by Roy Beck in 1996, NumbersUSA is an organization that seeks to bring immigration levels back to their historical levels through mass education and policy recommendation to relevant stakeholders. Although the non-partisan organization holds that immigrants are an invaluable addition, immigration numbers, in their opinion, must be kept at recommended levels.

According to NumbersUSA, the spiraling number of immigrants getting into the States every year threatens the well-being of citizens already residing in the country. Hailed as one of the top grassroots organizations opposed to unsustainable levels of immigration, the organization is also renowned for its firm stand against any form of discrimination meted out to immigrants.

On their website, the group cites the inability of millions of American workers to get full-time employment and the extremely low wages being paid by several occupations as a result of immigrants’ proliferation as the main reasons why they fully back reforms in immigration.

Beck’s book titled; “The Case Against Immigration” and findings by the Barbara Jordan led Commission on Immigration Reform, are the foundations of the organization’s views and outlook.

Additionally, the acclaimed organization bases its working on a number of values, key among them being a primary focus on numbers and not discriminatory reasons such as nativism and xenophobia in regulating immigrants’ inflow. Other NumbersUSA’s core values include prioritizing spouses, minors and workers with unique & in-demand skills when admitting immigrants as well as protecting vulnerable groups from unwarranted competition and wage reduction when coming up with policy.

NumbersUSA frequently sends out important information to its huge contact base, briefing them on actions they can take to get in touch with policymakers and officials elected to office in support of the organization’s immigration policies. The group’s education and research foundation play a vital role in sensitizing the masses on the negative effects of unregulated immigration. Through social media posts, emails, and paid ads, the organization is able to spread information vastly. Follow this page on Instagram, for more information.


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