Nomad Internet is a cloud-based service that lets you access the internet anywhere in the USA, all from your laptop or mobile device. No more being held captive to one geographical location for fear of missing out on information, entertainment, and connections with Nomad, you have access to them all.

What are the features of using Nomad?

  • Free, unlimited access to the internet
  • There are no contracts, no restrictions. All of their plans come with unlimited mobile data and wireless internet access.

Mobile Hotspot Access (Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile)

A mobile hotspot is a portable wireless broadband device that allows you to get online on the go. If you have a higher-speed data plan from one of our four brands, you can use the hotspot to connect up to five devices at once.

Pre-selected WIFI networks in every state in the USA (no more routers with a single network).


Broadband router included (make sure your computer has a working WIFI card) and a spare SD card for your router (included only for pre-ordered units).

NICD and NiMH Batteries Included

Due to the increase in popularity of high-speed internet plans, Nomad Internet has worked with boost mobile to make sure you always have power and connectivity. Boost Mobile has graciously donated the 1,800 MAH rechargeable NICD batteries that came with their phones.

Nomad is an excellent choice for RV lovers looking to save on data plans or tourists looking for a cheap alternative to local data roaming. Nomad Internet services are available in over 50 states and contain over 150+ domestic and international hotspots.

Nomad uses the best technology to bring you the internet, whether you’re on campus, in camp, or out for a bike ride. The Nomad internet service has been deployed in more than 400 camps across the United States, including Fort Mohave Desert Camping Complex

Nomad is the first business to have launched a commercial service on OneWeb Satellite Constellation, which will consist of 648 LEO satellites in low Earth orbit that can provide global Internet connectivity. The Nomad internet service will be integrated into OneWeb’s small form factor terminals. Once the Nomad satellite network is fully operational, Nomad customers can connect to over 500 US-based hotspots and over 100 international hotspots.

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