Ilja Gorelik, the COO and co-founder of Mitto AG, has been making waves in omnichannel marketing and customer engagement. Telecommunications experts shared insights into the omnichannel revolution, with Gorelik discussing the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. He stated the best omnichannel experiences should feel natural and allow customers to move easily between channels. Gorelik also stressed the importance of using data to personalize these experiences, saying, Understanding customers and their preferences is key to delivering successful omnichannel campaigns.

Gorelik discussed the benefits of multichannel marketing, specifically utilizing SMS, email, and social media together for maximum reach. He emphasized the importance of each channel serving a specific purpose and working together cohesively, saying, “An effective multichannel marketing campaign requires careful consideration of each channel’s strengths and how they can complement each other to deliver a message that resonates with customers.”

Gorelik’s expertise in customer engagement and experience was also highlighted in a News Anyway article. He discussed the growing importance of customer engagement in companies’ growth strategies, stating, “Customer engagement is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. Customers expect to be able to interact with brands in meaningful ways across a range of channels.” Gorelik also emphasized the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement, saying, “Brands that invest in cutting-edge technologies and strategies are the ones that will come out on top.”

Ilja Gorelik’s work in customer engagement and omnichannel marketing has driven Mitto’s success as a global leader in mobile messaging services. Through his insights and expertise, he has helped companies deliver personalized, seamless customer experiences across multiple channels and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry. Refer to this page for additional information.