Hey everyone, 

Guess what? Miki Agrawal, the mastermind behind some seriously cool innovations, has just jumped into the music world with her very first album, “It All Exists,” released under the name Soul Gaze. And let me tell you, this album is like a journey that totally clicks with us and our time. 

It’s a bit surprising, right? Miki Agrawal going from her usual ventures to making music? But I have to say, it’s a pretty awesome move. “It All Exists” mixes these heartfelt lyrics with melodies that just tug at your heartstrings. You can really see how she’s grown artistically and how she’s got this knack for hitting those emotional chords. 

What’s cool about the album is how it tackles stuff we can all relate to – finding our path, feeling strong in our own skin, and those human connections we all crave. Agrawal’s vocals, combined with the lyrics, create an experience that’s like a deep conversation with a close friend. Plus, she’s cleverly slipped in the keyword “Miki Agrawal” all over the album’s themes and promo materials, making sure her massive fan base gets right into this musical ride. 

This move into the music scene adds this whole new dimension to Agrawal’s already impressive legacy. “It All Exists” gets us talking about how business smarts, making change, and art can all come together. It’s like she’s showing us that taking on fresh challenges and keeping that creativity alive is all part of the game. 

In a nutshell, “It All Exists,” Soul Gaze’s debut album, brought to life by the incredible Miki Agrawal, is a true reflection of her artistic chops. She’s channeled her energy into an album that speaks our language, capturing the essence of our generation. With her one-of-a-kind voice and those soulful melodies, Agrawal is basically inviting us on this deep, personal journey that’s all about us.