Miki Agrawal’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Miki Agrawal wears many hats in her life. She has written two very successful books and founded three businesses that are performing exemplary as well. Miki tries to shift away from conventional living and brings solutions that disregard traditional taboos.

She draws her support from her husband, son, twin sister, and friends. Her husband acts as her creative collaborator, while her twin sister acts as her business partner.

Early Life

Miki was born and raised in Canada and came from Indian and Japanese heritage. She graduated from Cornell University in 2001 with a degree in communications and business. Her career started in New York City’s financial industry, where she was an investment banking analyst.

While working here, Miki Agrawal felt she needed to revisit her priorities. She thought she needed to make a positive change, and consequently, Miki set three goals, which she has achieved in a few years.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Her business ideas are always interconnected. First, she joined a soccer team called New York Magic. She suffered several injuries, which led her to start video production work since she could no longer play.

While on-set, she noticed how unhealthy meals were always around. This motivated her to create an eatery that served healthy pizza in 2005. The New York City’s restaurant is continuing to perform well under her leadership.

Miki and two other people introduced Thinx in 2008, which manufactures women’s underwear for use during their periods. Over time, the company has continued to produce products that provide solutions. Thinx currently supports donations for Ugandan school girls to use reusable pads.

Miki Agrawal then launched TUSHY, a company that provides toilet solutions since 2014. TUSHY bidet attachments eliminate the use of toilet paper and hence contribute to environmental conservation.

Miki Agrawal has received numerous awards for her disruptive change. Some of the parties that have recognized her work include the World Technology Summit and the World Economic Forum.