Marwan Kheireddine is the CEO of AM bank in UAE. He talks about the bank’s development in Dubai, especially with the growth in technology, and how he used it to help create a fully digitalized banking platform. The article also discusses some exciting ideas Kheireddine is considering for AM bank’s plans.

As a leader in innovation, AM Bank has been successfully innovating new products and services that customers want and need while offering them solutions they will love to use.

With the world going digital, AM Bank has been actively moving away from traditional methods. AM’s digital banking platform is a fully integrated, customized, centralized, and secure platform. Through it, customers can have access to their accounts, make payments and transfer money using different mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets in an easy way.

The digital banking platform was launched in 2015 in the UAE and is one of the first ever to be created in the Middle East. It was developed for Android and iOS operating systems, with a responsive design that helps ensure customers can access all features of their bank accounts from every device.

However, there were some challenges, too; at first, it felt like an uphill task. Many banks were not ready to adopt this technology because they doubted its security and thought that hackers would find a way and take advantage of it. Additionally, many bankers still prefer physical contact over digital channels – this was something that had to be changed for AM Bank to succeed with its digital platform.

Marwan Kheireddine has been a successful businessman for many years. As AM Bank’s CEO, Kheireddine has become a Swiss banker and is often referred to as the ‘Switzerland of UAE’ because of how he leads his bank.

Although he’s not from a wealthy family, he used his skills to build one of the most impressive financial institutions in the UAE. He also keeps his customers in mind, refraining from taking risks with their money, which is why investors trust him so much.

He’s also known for being very generous and has donated millions of dollars to charity organizations both in Dubai and Switzerland. READ MORE: