Marwan Kheireddine is a man with many talents. He’s an author, a banker, and an entrepreneur. During his role as Minister of State for the Government of Lebanon, Marwan worked to improve the country’s infrastructure, diversify its economy and make it more accessible for foreign investors. He has some serious ideas about how best to achieve these goals. He believes in attracting new businesses and investments by giving them incentives such as tax breaks and low-cost loans when they establish themselves here. Currently, Marwan Kheireddine holds the chairmanship position and managerial role at Al Mawarid Bank s.a.l. Marwan Kheireddine serving in various roles since 1992.

Marwan has strong banking background in retail, SME, commercial, and investment banking.

He has diverse, vast investments, including in the oil business, real estate, and manufacturing.

Marwan owns large pieces of olive oil land. He is a generous investor and is always willing to bring hands together with the right partners to achieve his goals. He’s also a recognized author publishing several books, most notably “Marwan Kheireddine Unveils How Implementing Reforms Can Generate Revenues” (2022), “Marwan Kheireddine Talks Cryptocurrency and Why Bankrupting Banks Doesn’t Work” (2022), amongst other various articles he has published. Marwan’s successful career incorporates both formal education from Columbia Business School, where he graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration, as well as informal from his personal experience. As an all-around person, Marwan was inspired to bring his thoughts and ideas to complete change in the world. He is convinced that new in-depth research functions will lead to greater business productivity and increase funding for the advancement of innovative ideas. Marwan is restless and ensures his life focuses on making Lebanon a country of its own. He is committed to the modernization of Lebanon and has undertaken a wide range of projects to improve the quality of life for all Lebanese people. Marwan Kheireddine believes that the wealth generated by his various investments will improve the lives of ordinary people. Marwan Kheireddine’s idea is to put those ideas into action and help Lebanon develop as an international center for economic rebirth to become an alleviating region.