During the recent pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty. However, people were hopeful that everything would change in 2022.

Despite regaining normalcy, businesses face familiar challenges, such as high inflation and the likelihood of a recession. To counter these challenges, businesses are forced to become creative and adapt.

According to Mark Hauser, businesses led by their founders aren’t immune to challenges facing other companies. The founder-led businesses may be more vulnerable. Why? When a business fails to grow, it shrinks. However, companies can partner with private equity firms to gain a competitive edge.

Such a partnership may seem unlikely. However, private equity investors usually focus more on the bottom line. Also, their main goal is to sell the company for a profit in a few years.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that these two business models are incompatible. When there is uncertainty, a private equity investor can bring some necessary changes into your business; this is highly recommended for companies that are founder-led.

A private equity firm usually defies the status quo. When they invest in a business, they’ve made a decision to make the necessary changes.

Mark Hauser is a private equity investor, and he looks forward to working with managers who are professionals in their fields of expertise. Such managers should be able to identify assets and partner with sellers and operators to help drive significant growth.

Mark Hauser established his private equity firm in 2008, and to date, the company has invested more than $350 million in businesses that are privately owned. Before founding his company, Hauser had garnered enough experience in operating and investing in companies. Throughout his tenure, Hauser has overseen more than 500 investments.