Margie Hauser Discusses Joining NARAS

In the music industry, the audience does not know what goes on behind the scenes; they enjoy the end product. Musicians work hard to sustain their careers and produce new hits to remain relevant in the industry. This is the case of Margie Hauser, who made 19 songs in 2008. She demonstrated her love for songs; she has been a writer for four years. In addition, she was a music supervisor for Alice Upside Down and High School Musical by Lucas Grabeel.

Margie Hauser has recorded songs with artists such as Chris Doran, Jaakko, Ace Young, Lucas Prada, and Shenkar. One of Margie’s singles, “Higher,” went up to the top 20 on the Billboard club charts after being on the chart for ten weeks. The same single, “Higher,” was always in the top ten at Perfect Beat in 2008. Her other single, “Just Another Day,” was number one on Billboard and enjoyed a more extended chart appearance than her first single.

While voting for Grammy awards, Margie Hauser, a member of NARAS, saw one of her songs, “Road of Peace,” on the nominated list. Margie is best known for her songwriting credits to Lucas Prata (The Best of Me), Taylor Daynes (Falling), and Tiffany (Just Another Day). On top of writing songs, Margie is also a producer with a passion for collaborating and working with other artists. Margie prefers to work in short, intense bursts. Margie travels monthly to LA, and in the course of her four-day trip, she holds a meeting for one day and enjoys jam sessions for 2 or 3 sessions. Although she collaborates with fellow artists on her trips, she’s also comfortable composing solos at home.

On top of Margie’s accomplishments in her music career, she’s also a wife and a mother. She lives in Cincinnati with her four children and husband. She regards her family as an asset, not a liability. She works hard to balance family and her career due to her love for music.

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