Leen Kawas is a successful Tech industry entrepreneur. Her focus has been in the areas of health and technology. What is more interesting is that she is a minority female entrepreneur. Kawas has held many positions in the healthcare industry. She was the CEO of MediTech Services, Inc., a company.

Leen Kawas is currently a Managing General Partner of Propel Bio Partners LLC. A Brooklyn-based health technology company that invests in early-stage life sciences companies with pioneering ideas for technology-enabled healthcare solutions. LFVC recently announced its second investment to Propel Bio Partners, LLC in DNAFit Ltd.

As Managing General Partner of Propel Bio Partners LLC, Leen Kawas oversees all commercialization and financing for Propel Bio’s companies. Before joining Propel, she spent 12 years in corporate finance at Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase.

Kawas co-founded Opentracker, a Silicon Valley start-up that provides the most accurate data analytics software for retail outlets like Macy’s and Sears by leveraging real-time video feeds from CCTV cameras. The company has raised over $8 million in funding from investors, including Sierra Atlantic and Common Angels.

Kawas is a member of the Board of Regents at Florida International University and the organization’s finance committee. She is also a Miami-Dade County Public Health Trust Fund member and a board member of her alma mater FIU’s School of Business Administration.

Kawas aims to bring more women into the tech and healthcare industries by creating programs that prepare young girls to join the workforce. She is also very active in the education system at FIU. Leen Kawas is ready to keep the tech industry growing in Miami, a city rich in multicultural diversity.

As an inspiration and mentor to her peers, Leen Kawas is a true leader in the Tech industry. Kawas is making a positive impact on the world by supporting female entrepreneurs. She takes on all challenges with passion and enthusiasm for future opportunities for her peers.