Miki Agrawal is a creative entrepreneur with a desire to bring more efficient products to the market. She graduated from Cornell University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Communication. Thereafter, she worked at Deutsche Bank for a while before venturing into entrepreneurship.


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In 2005, she founded ‘Wild,’ a gluten-free, farm-to-table pizzeria. The business became successful and now has two branches in New York City. Her next venture was THINX, which produces reusable underwear that helps women during their menstrual period.

Her latest business venture is TUSHY, a startup that produces innovative bidet toilet attachments. The company’s goal is to create a hygienic and environmentally friendly way to cater to personal bathroom needs.

TUSHY grew rapidly in 2020 when the global market experienced toilet paper shortage. Today, over a million customers have installed the TUSHY product. Miki Agrawal has received numerous accolades for her notable achievements and bold entrepreneurship.

Some organizations that have appreciated her work include the World Technology Summit, The World Economic Forum, Time Magazine, and Fast Company. Besides being an innovator and business leader, Miki Agrawal is also an author. Her best-selling books include ‘Disrupt-Her,’ ‘Do Cool Sh*t’ and ‘Heart Wisdom.’

Looking into the future, Miki will continue to search for ways to modify existing products and make them more efficient, artful, and environmentally friendly. She will likely look for a sustainable solution when she finds a common problem that has been ignored in the marketplace.

During her free time, Miki loves nature walking, meditation, reading a book, and participating in conversations. All this enables her to come up with big ideas for the next project. Once she gets an idea, she shares it with her team so that they can create a system to execute it.